About Us

Country House is inspired with natural health principle and deeply investigates the relationship between botanical essence and health. Years of research have perfected their natural formulas. The products are designed with using botanical essence to generate reliable and pleasurable skincare and aromatherapy products. It specially creates the botanical products that gently soothe your life.
Understand the product safety is crucial and important, Country House has own technical team with R&D and QA staff. Each product is tested thoroughly and with all testing protocol before launching to our customers.
By the way, the essential oil and raw material are manufactured from Australia and overseas.  All material is relatively complied with International Standard. Ensure the products are High Quality and Safe for the Customer.  This is our mission ""INSPIRE BOTANICAL HEALTH LIFE"

A. The Best and Safest Source of Material: Essential Oil from Australia and overseas
B. Qualification and Efficiency Manufacturing Device Long History and Reliable Supply Chain in Germany and UK
C. Execute Safety Assessment and Strict Laboratory Tests for Products
D. Professional Responsible Customer Service and After Sales Service